Louis Sahuc is a freelance photographer and French Quarter preservationist, living and working on Jackson Square. Louis fell in love with New Orleans as a young boy riding around the city with his father in the 1940s and 50s. After college and a brief stint in retail and sales management he found what he really wanted to do: photography. Since 1972 Louis has been making award-winning photographs for advertising, fashion, architecture, corporate, editorial and private clients, but between commercial assignments his main focus has been to share his own vision of the place he loves and the world he’d like to see. “I’ve always liked the idea of communicating with images”, he says.


In the summer of 1995 Louis opened PHOTO WORKS and began showing an ongoing body of work that preserves the architecture and uniqueness of life in New Orleans’ French Quarter. These photographs are timeless visual vignettes that evoke feelings of what it is like to live in this special place as it is now, was in the past, and will be in the future. Already some of these views no longer exist.

Louis LahucPlaces that Louis loves and photographs.


Napoleon House


Cafe’ du Monde

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